Career forward : Career coaching for self-funders

  • Are you at a crossroads in your career and figuring out what to do next?
  • Is self-doubt holding you back from realising your career aspirations?
  • Are you unsure what you need to do to get promoted?
  • Are you finding it hard to get recognition at work?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, then this programme is designed to help you move forward.

Career Forward is a bespoke, 1-1 coaching programme with me, Alison Reid, designed to help talented individuals like you to realise your career aspirations and love your work, whatever’s getting in your way.

The programme can help you :

  • Clarify what you want from your career and what’s holding you back from realising it
  • Get out of your head and into action
  • Overcome self-doubt and increase your confidence
  • Increase your influence and impact at work
  • Be successful and fulfilled without sacrificing yourself

Unleash your potential. Unleash your career. Unleash your leadership. Unleash yourself.

The programme includes :

  • Coaching orientation pack which includes everything you need to get started
  • Coaching preparation questionnaire provided alongside your orientation pack
  • Copy of my white paper “Cultivating Confident Leadership : A 3-step process to helping leaders overcome fear and unleash their potential”
  • Initial 60 minute virtual strategy session where we will review your responses to the coaching preparation questionnaire, create objectives and outcomes for our coaching together and a bespoke roadmap for working towards them
  • Virtual coaching sessions – 5 x 1 hour outcome-focussed coaching conversations on Zoom where Alison will work with you to realise your coaching goals
  • Recordings of your coaching calls (if on Zoom)
  • Email support between calls
  • Signposting and sharing resources to support you on your journey

If you’d like to discuss this programme further, then email me, Alison Reid, at or call me on +44 (0)7704 298 966 for a no-obligation chat. 

What Alison’s clients say…

“Right from the start of our work together, Alison helped me extend my horizons. Coaching with her gave me the confidence to take several important steps and exceed goals originally set by my manager. This led to my promotion to Director within 9 months and an assignment to lead and build a new organisation.”
VP, Global Technology

“Working with Alison has been the most impactful development that I have ever had. Alison has challenged the actual fibre of who I think I am, but more importantly, who I think I can be. I’ve made the step from being a competent-but-a-bit-scared manager to a fully owning, brave, progressive leader.”
Senior Manager, Media

“Working with Alison has changed me both personally and professionally. I wasn’t sure if coaching was for me, but Alison took time to understand who I was, challenged my thinking and offered new solutions. She was always fun to work with and really takes the time to know who you are as a person. Alison has helped me think about how I approach discussions and meetings with others in a much more positive and confident way. The time I spent with her has allowed me to grow as a leader and feel confident in what I bring to the table. I have loved working with her – she knows her stuff!”
Head of Marketing, Big 4 accounting firm

“I now feel that there isn’t a situation that’s going to come up that I’m not going to be able to deal with.”
Head of Operations, Arts

I feel established as a leader, accepted by the Board and generally more confident in my abilities. I’m regularly chosen to lead initiatives and offered other opportunities within the company.”
Director, Global Technology

“Alison is amazing! Our sessions have really helped me to understand things from different perspectives and given me renewed confidence in my own abilities to move forward.”
Senior Tax Advisor, Big 4 accounting firm

“Alison is a fantastic and inspiring coach who knows how to get results. Within a few sessions of working with Alison, I achieved an immense level of satisfaction, clarity, self-awareness and focus. From the very first session she knew how to build the precise level of rapport that allowed her to be encouraging and supportive but also objective and challenging. I believe it is this combination that enabled the positive results that I achieved.”
Sarah Sinnott, Director of Partnerships, Catch22

“Coaching with Alison came at a time of self-doubt; I was feeling burnt out, lacking career inspiration and struggling to juggle a young family with work. Her holistic approach in supporting me has enabled me to confidently put myself first and play to my strengths. She’s helped me believe in myself again and I come away from sessions with her ready to take on exciting new challenges.”
Senior Manager, Big 4 accounting firm

“Alison has an incredible way of asking questions that force you out of your comfort zone to really get to the heart of the matter. Often, what I thought might be a problem, turned out to be something entirely different. She prepared me for a number of crucial conversations, and did so in an encouraging way.” 
VP Finance, Hospitality

“I have come away from my career coaching with Alison with a clear understanding of my key skills, what motivates me, and techniques to continually evaluate and manage my career. Alison helped me challenge many of my pre-conceived notions and obstacles which had prevented me from believing my career aspirations could become a reality. I now no longer have that fear.”
Senior merchandiser, Retail