Alison Reid is a leadership and career coach who helps professionals fulfil their potential and love their work, whether that’s stepping up to a new role or making a career transition. She specialises in helping her clients find clarity, overcome self-doubt and cultivate confidence so they can feel great about themselves and their career.  Read on for information about her 2 coaching programmes :

Unleash your leadership! is a 6 month coaching programme for senior managers and directors who are struggling with the transition from management to leadership. Does this sound like you? If so, coaching with Alison will help you :

  • Overcome self-doubt and build confidence so you can increase your influence and impact
  • Be confident in situations where you’re not the subject matter expert
  • Let go of trying to control everything and focus on what matters

…and ultimately, unleash your potential so that you’re leading powerfully, exceeding expectations and taking your career to the next level!

Thrive! is a 6-month coaching programme for professionals in mid-life who are feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in their career, yet can’t see a way out. they’ve lost confidence in themselves and what they have to offer and unhappiness at work is seeping into the rest of their life. Does this sound like you? If so, coaching with Alison will help you :

Energise so that you are fully resourced to move into your career future
Examine who you are, what you need and what you want
Explore your options and create a path to career fulfilment 

By the end of the programme, you’ll have confidence in what you have to offer, what you want and a plan to make it happen –  and you’ll feel great about yourself and your career again!

Contact Alison here to discuss how coaching can help you or leaders in your organisation.

What Alison’s clients say…

“Right from the start of our work together, Alison helped me extend my horizons. Coaching with her gave me the confidence to take several important steps and exceed goals originally set by my manager. This led to my promotion to Director within 9 months and a new assignment to lead and build a new organisation.”
VP, Global Technology

“Working with Alison has been the most impactful development that I have ever had. Alison has challenged the actual fibre of who I think I am, but more importantly, who I think I can be. I’ve made the step from being a competent-but-a-bit-scared manager to a fully owning, brave, progressive leader.”
Senior Manager, Media

“I feel established as a leader, accepted by the Board and generally more confident in my abilities. I’m regularly chosen to lead initiatives and offered other opportunities within the company.”
Director, Global Technology

“I now feel that there isn’t a situation that’s going to come up that I’m not going to be able to deal with.”
Head of Operations, Arts

“I was at a pretty low point in my career when I started working with Alison. Within 2 sessions, I had decided to resign from my job and 8 months later I am in a fantastic new job which ticks almost all my boxes. Sessions with Alison were both fun and challenging, taking me out of my comfort zone to think about what was important to me, what I’m good at and what I want – and ultimately, giving me the confidence to seek my ‘perfect’ role.”
Senior Engineer, Automotive

“I was at a crossroads in my life when I started coaching sessions with Alison. She really helped me to work out what I want to do, how I want to do it and when. Alison is resourceful, encouraging and professional in her approach. She really uses her vast knowledge and experience to employ a variety of techniques to help you think outside the constraints of your mind and work with you to achieve your goals.”

“I have come away from my career coaching with Alison with a clear understanding of my key skills, what motivates me, and techniques to continually evaluate and manage my career. Alison helped me challenge many of my pre-conceived notions and obstacles which had prevented me from believing my career aspirations could become a reality. I now no longer have that fear.”
Senior merchandiser, Retail



“Alison is a fantastic and inspiring coach who knows how to get results. Within a few sessions of working with Alison, I achieved an immense level of satisfaction, clarity, self-awareness and focus. From the very first session she knew how to build the precise level of rapport that allowed her to be encouraging and supportive but also objective and challenging. I believe it is this combination that enabled the positive results that I achieved.”
Sarah Sinnott, Director of Partnerships, Catch22