Audiences for Alison’s speaking engagements have described her talks as “inspiring”, “stimulating” and “insightful”. You can see more of their feedback for her recent talks a little further down on this webpage. Topics include :

  • Unleash your leadership! : A 3-step process to help leaders overcome fear and realise their potential
  • Confidence : how to have more of it and unleash your potential
  • Thrive! : How to get your mojo back and create a fulfilling career

Alison’s will be speaking at the CIMA Spring CPD Academy on Thursday 26 March with further engagements planned at Women in the City, ICAEW and Dorking Minds.

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How to coach leaders from fear to confidence : A 3-step process

CIPD Thames Valley,  Tuesday 16 January, 2019


“Thank you, Alison, for an amazing presentation – I really enjoyed it!”

“Are you available for coaching?”

“Great presentation and learned so much – thank you!”

“Brilliant talk – thank you!”

Unleash your leadership! : A 3-step process to help leaders overcome fear & realise their potential

CIPD SW London, Tuesday 13 November, 2018    FIND OUT MORE

“Thank you for a very insightful and helpful session!”

“Thank you – great presentation!”

“I just wanted to reach out to thank you so much for your session at the CIPD last night, it was brilliant! So practical, and applicable to everyone in the audience as well as the leaders we work with. I left feeling inspired. It was a great reminder of the importance of coaching – there are lots of leaders who need a coach!”

Confidence : How to have more of it and unleash your potential

Alison is spoke on behalf of FLITE (Female Leaders in Tech, Everywhere) at WNIE (What’s New in Electronics) Live on 25 September, 2018.
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“Alison Reid’s keynote was a stimulating and inspirational experience, challenging my way of thinking and provoking a lot of self-analysis. If I had had this insight a few years ago, I might have developed the confidence to be a leader rather than just a technical expert!” Journalist Pete Starkey

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