Free webinar : How to stay calm & lead well under pressure

Tuesday 21 May @ 11am – 12 noon

  • Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed in the face of a huge workload?
  • Do you find yourself hijacked by other people’s demands and your overflowing inbox?
  • Are you constantly worried about you or your team making mistakes?
  • Do you get frustrated and impatient with others, and later regret it?
  • Do you struggle to switch off?

When you’re in a leadership role, the pressure can feel overwhelming. You want to be an inspiring leader, but you’re stressed out trying to keep on top of everything, afraid of putting a foot wrong.

And you don’t know how to break the cycle.

Sound familiar? Then join me, Alison Reid, for a free webinar to explore how you can become the calm and collected leader you aspire to be.

 In this interactive webinar, you’ll :

  • Learn why we’re perfectly designed not to stay calm under pressure
  • Find out why matter over mind is more important than mind over matter
  • Discover the three gateways to becoming a calm and collected leader, informed by the latest neuroscience
  • Have the chance to win a copy of my first book, Unleash Your Leadership : How to worry less and achieve more
  • Have your say in topics for my next webinars

Feel calm, think clearly, lead better.

This webinar is perfect for you if :

  • You’re a Director or functional head in a demanding role
  • You lead a team and you’re managing multiple stakeholders
  • You care deeply about being a good leader

    And everyone is welcome.

This is the first of a series of free webinars I’m running to share ideas from the second book I’m working on, all about helping leaders feel calm, think clearly and lead well under pressure.

Your Webinar Host : Alison Reid

Alison Reid is an executive coach, speaker and author of “Unleash Your Leadership : How to Worry Less and Achieve More”.

Alison helps senior managers & directors become confident and successful leaders. She empowers and enables them to focus on what matters, communicate with impact and stay calm and effective under pressure so that they can lead themselves and others to great results. Success without the stress.

After graduating from Oxford in 1993, Alison’s career encompassed the arts, accountancy, and sales and marketing before specialising in leadership development 20 years ago. Her cross-sector experience spans FMCG, professional services, technology and media. Current clients include PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Associated British Foods, Southern Housing and the University of Kent.


What participants have said about Alison’s webinars…

“Alison is a great speaker”

Another excellent session

“Really great session”

“A very helpful session and lots of food for thought”

What reviewers have said about Alison’s book…

Alison’s wealth of expertise comes to life in this thought-provoking and easy read.”
Lauren McKenzie-Wilson, Director, Big Four accounting firm

“If I’d had access to this book before, I would have had fewer sleepless nights!”
Andy Noble, Director, NTT UK&I Ltd

If you ever experience fear or anxiety, this book will reassure you that you’re not alone and that you can succeed while worrying less. Since working with Alison, I haven’t looked back!”
Maria Jennings, Marketing and Brand Director, Professional services firm

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