Fear of failure? Success isn’t a perfect journey.

Alex Honnold is an American rock climber best known for what’s called “free solo” ascents of intimidating rock faces which means that he climbs without any safety equipment. I’ve recently watched the awe-inspiring film Free Solo about his attempt to be the first person to climb the 3,000-foot south-west face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without ropes. (Spoiler alert : he did it!).

Courage before confidence

Over the past year, I’ve been setting up my stall as a speaker to share my messages with more people and grow my leadership and career coaching practice. I’ve done alot of training, facilitating and presenting in my time, but I’ve found that speaking is a whole different ball-game. Why is that, when they all involve exposing yourself in front of a room full of people?!

How to know the right thing to do

What’s led you to reading this article? Did you see the title and think, “Great! Someone’s going to give me a process/formula/magic bullet (circle as appropriate) for making the “right” decision about my career/relationship/life (circle as appropriate)”?

confidence is never lost, only hiding

Last year, I went along to a few improvisation classes in Brighton in search of some fun and a creativity boost, drop-in classes designed for all levels including novices like me. I love the silly games and the encouraging atmosphere – in improv, everything goes.

take a deep breath

Mary, a senior manager, is recently back from maternity leave. She’s juggling a demanding client-facing role with mothering her 18-month old little girl and is, unsurprisingly, battling exhaustion.

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