Unleash Your Leadership : How to Worry Less and Achieve More

Free webinar : Tuesday 18 April @ 12noon – 1pm

  • Are you stressed out trying to keep on top of everything?
  • Are you prone to worry and self-doubt?
  • Do you battle with impostor syndrome?

As you become more senior, it can feel like everyone wants a piece of you. You want to have more influence and impact, but you’re overwhelmed by demands from all directions, afraid of putting a foot wrong.

Sound familiar? Then join me, Alison Reid, for a free webinar to find out how you can unleash your leadership potential and realise your career aspirations.

In this interactive webinar, you will :

  • Learn why we’re perfectly designed to worry

  • Discover the three keys to unlock your confidence, and step-change your influence and impact
  • Have the opportunity to win one of 3 copies of my first book


This webinar is perfect for you if :


  • You’re a Director or functional head, recently promoted or facing a new leadership challenge
  • You’re a senior manager wanting to wanting to step up to leadership
  • You’re finding it hard to make the transition from subject matter expert to leader

Worry less. Achieve more. Unleash your leadership.

Your Webinar Host : Alison Reid

Alison Reid is an executive coach, speaker and author. A catalyst for clarity and courage, she helps executives unleash their leadership potential. She empowers her clients to focus on what matters, communicate with impact and stay calm and effective under pressure so that they can lead themselves and others to great results.

After graduating from Oxford in 1993, Alison’s career encompassed the arts, accountancy, and sales and marketing before specialising in leadership development 20 years ago. Her cross-sector experience spans FMCG, professional services, technology and media. Current clients include PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Associated British Foods, Southern Housing and the University of Kent. 

Alison’s book “Unleash Your Leadership : How to Worry Less and Achieve More” is available on Amazon.


What participants have said about this webinar…

Another excellent session

“Really great session”

“A very helpful session and lots of food for thought”

What reviewers have said about Alison’s book…

Alison’s wealth of expertise comes to life in this thought-provoking and easy read.”
Lauren McKenzie-Wilson, Director, Big Four accounting firm

“If I’d had access to this book before, I would have had fewer sleepless nights!”
Andy Noble, Director, NTT UK&I Ltd

If you ever experience fear or anxiety, this book will reassure you that you’re not alone and that you can succeed while worrying less. Since working with Alison, I haven’t looked back!”
Maria Jennings, Marketing and Brand Director, Professional services firm

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