fear and the case of the missing leader

What if I were to tell you that there are leaders missing in your organisation? That there are voices, ideas, opinions and talent that are not showing up?
I’m not talking about a headcount issue or a rash of absenteeism. I’m talking about a powerful force that stops leaders from expressing themselves fully : fear.

are you afraid of being found out?

Do you sometimes wonder why people can’t see right through you? That they’re bound to find out sooner or later that you’re only masquerading as a successful professional – you really haven’t got a clue what you’re doing?

find stillness at Christmas

The good thing about taking a break at Christmas is that it’s virtually the one time in the year when there is almost a universal work hiatus. You can be fairly confident that you’re not going to have a backlog of work and emails when you get back to work because everyone else is taking a break too.

how to make better decisions

So often, my coaching clients are concerned to make “rational” decisions. When I probe what they mean by this, they don’t want to be seen as “emotional”, but instead making decisions based on “logic”.

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